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5 Tips to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

5 Tips to Prepare Your Pool for a Hurricane

1. Do Not Drain the Pool
Drainage is taken into consideration during the design phase of the pool. Water in the pool provides weight to keep the pool in the ground. An empty pool can float or pop out of the ground due to pressure from excessive ground water caused by heavy rains.

2. Turn Off Power
Circuit breakers at the main electrical panel should be turned off. Pump motors, lighting, chlorinators, and heaters should not operate in the storm.

3. Remove Loose Items
Especially anything glass! Tables, chairs, potted plants, toys etc. Pool tools or other loose items can become dangerous projectiles in high winds. It’s best to store them inside away from storm. Do NOT sink pool furniture into the pool.

4. Add Extra Chlorine to the Pool
To prevent contamination from debris and excessive storm water, add extra chlorine tabs and/or shock – we will do our best to get to all pools as soon as safely possible before & after the storm!

5. Do Not Cover the Pool
Storms can cause falling branches and other debris that can damage pool covers. It’s easier to remove debris from the pool than it is to replace a cover.