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DIY Pool Cleaning Equipment Supplies

DIY Pool Cleaning Equipment Supplies

Maintaining your pool is an extra chore for you to do every week. If you don’t stay on top of swimming pool maintenance, your pool can quickly become a place where you don’t want to spend your free time. Here’s the basic pool cleaning equipment to include in your pool cleaning supplies:

Telescopic Pole

A telescopic pool pole is an essential pool maintenance tool that can attach to pool brushes, leaf rakes, skimmers and vacuum head cleaning attachments.

When shopping for a telescopic pole, consider both the minimum and maximum lengths, along with how deep your pool is and how much storage space you have. Also, be sure both your vacuum and skimmer are compatible with that model.

Skimmer Net

Proper skimming helps ensure a picture-perfect pool or spa and should be done on a weekly basis. By manually removing debris, it can preserve the life of your vacuum, filter and pool plumbing.

To use the skimmer net, you drag it along the surface of the water, and it collects all sorts of debris, such as fallen leaves or bugs. You can also use the net to collect objects suspended in the water or on the floor of the pool. Once you’ve collected some debris in your skimmer net, lift it out of the water and remove the debris from the net. When choosing a skimmer net, be sure to grab one that’s wide enough so that you can easily grab more debris at a time.

Important: When skimming, be sure to always have the net in motion, once you stop moving, anything collected may fall out of the net.

Pool Vacuum

Handheld pool vacuums are a great addition to every home pool, as this type of cleaner is affordable and effective. The pool vacuum’s purpose is to clean the dirt or sand build up on the bottom surface of the pool. Pool vacuums are specially designed to submerge underwater and create a seal with the floor of your pool. This seal, or suction, allows you to suck up anything that might have settled on the bottom of your pool. Don’t forget, with the pool vacuum a hose will be needed to create the suction on the vacuum.

Pool Brush

Brushing the swimming pool walls and floors removes dirt and debris so it can be vacuumed up or sucked into your skimmer and into your swimming pool filter.  It also does another extremely important thing:  It gets rid of any algae spores that may be taking a foothold on your pool’s surface. 

Be sure to use the correct pool brush for your particular type of pool and needs. The common swimming pool brushes are:

  • Nylon Brush: The most common brush out there is the 18” nylon brush. This daily use brush is good for keeping your swimming pool looking good. They are perfect for brushing off light dust or debris that sits on the pool plaster.
  • Combo Brush: The combination bristle brush is great for your light algae or staining issues that may be present in the pool. Typically, the combination brushes are a 50/50 mix of stainless steel and nylon bristles. This brush isn’t recommended for daily / weekly use, only for algae or staining issues.
  • Wire Brush: A stainless steel brush is NOT meant for regular use or for use on delicate surfaces such as vinyl. Use sporadically to rid algae or tough stains.

Water Testing Kit

The main water testing kit options are either test strips or testing kit.

Water chemistry plays a vital role in maintaining a swimming pool. In order to know the proper chemicals needed to safely balance the water, a testing kit is necessary. With a water testing kit and a little bit of math, you can easily determine the levels of different chemicals in your pool.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work, you’re right. This is why many pool owners search for pool service near me. Luckily, you don’t have to worry about balancing chemicals or vacuuming out your pool with our cleaning services. You also won’t have to go out and buy all the items mentioned above, since we bring all our tools. To learn more about how we can help keep your pool clean, don’t hesitate to contact Blue Diamond Pool Services today.