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Big Value for Small Spaces

Big Value for Small Spaces

Trends in the pool industry may come and go, but due to its simplicity, utility and budget-friendliness, the smaller pools trend is here to stay. Whether you call it a spool, cocktail, plunge or splash pool, these miniature pools provide a variety of options.

The term spool is a portmanteau, a combination of two existing words; part “spa,” part “pool.” These miniature pools are typically around 300 square feet while having depth; thus, allowing you to submerge fully while standing in comparison to spas that are meant for soaking.

Benefits of a Spool:

  • Low Price: Smaller price point and maintenance in comparison to traditional pools
  • Adaptability: Can fit in odd or smaller spaces
  • Usage: Can be used for hydrotherapy, swimming, a focal point/fountain, or sunning space
  • Health: May improve one’s mental and physical health; especially when used for therapeutic purposes
  • Eco-friendly: Uses significantly less water, electricity and smaller footprint than traditional pools

There are many customizable options available to create the spool that fits your lifestyle. When the design is well-curated with complementary features, it becomes a focal point that blends into your backyard oasis.

Features Available for a Spool:

  • Full automation systems
  • Heater
  • Lighting and water features
  • Salt water system
  • Seating
  • Modern ladders
  • Endless “static swim” system
  • Underwater treadmill or bicycle
  • Infinity edge

There are a seemingly endless number of features you can add. So, whether your concerned for the environment, working with a smaller space or desire to have a fully-customizable pool, a spool may be exactly what you’re looking for.