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Green to Clean

Green to Clean

At our consultation, the homeowner said he personally spent 5 hours one day trying to clean his pool up. He said it looked worse than when he started messing with it. After realizing it was a losing battle, he called Blue Diamond Pool Services to take over because he was tired of struggling to get the pool back in shape by himself. In roughly 48 hours BDPS was able to work their magic and get this Winter Springs pool back to sparkling blue so the entire family could use their oasis while quarantined to the house.

Start-Up Day

This is before beginning our Green to Clean process on the first day.

Start-Up Day

This is our magic starting to work which included filter cleaning, brushing, netting, vacuuming and chemicals.

24 Hours Later

Still was not ready for swimming as the water was still turbid, had remnants of algae and environmental debris. The pool needed brushing, netting, vacuuming and more chemicals along with another filter cleaning.

48 Hours Later

The pool is now a clear, sparkling blue with chemicals balanced in the appropriate ranges so it is healthy and safe for our new ongoing maintenance clients to resume using their pool.

*Blue Diamond Pool Services does not guarantee 48 hour results for Green to Cleans. Each Green to Clean is individually inspected to determine the severity of the water conditions, the current water chemistry and filtration system. Using those factors and more, a homeowner is given an approximate timeline for their results.

Contact Blue Diamond Pool Services at [email protected] or 407-435-8553 to schedule your complimentary Green to Clean evaluation and quote.