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Tennis Ball Hack

Tennis Ball Hack

Do you know the tennis ball hack for cleaning your swimming pool?

There is a good reason why everyone is throwing tennis balls into their swimming pools. Not only are they the star of the show during a tennis match or great for playing fetch with your dog, they can also help you clean your swimming pool.

Most tennis balls are made out of nylon and/or wool and the material attracts foreign substances in the water. Since they are rather absorbent, they will soak up dirt and oil that don’t belong in the pool – like sunscreens, lotions and hair products that have made their way into the water.

Toss a few tennis balls in your pool or skimmer basket and let them float around to work their magic removing these products from your water’s surface.

For additional questions regarding the tennis ball hack or help on properly clearing up water contaminants, contact Blue Diamond Pool Services, your swimming pool specialists, at 407-435-8553.